How it works

The objects of Sexual Healing are meant to be used in a relaxed atmosphere, like home, to start exploring in a personal way. They can be used in addition to regular treatment if necessary, and serve as an extra in-between step as a preparation for sex.

Each object has its functions from a different angle, to bring the the full scope of issues into view and to tackle these matters.

In the Sexual Healing project we research a new approach for overcoming ‘sexual dysfunctions’ that women can experience after a traumatic experience. Think about painful intercourse, shame, problems with penetration, difficulties with getting in the ‘mood’ or orgasms.

This is necessary, because the current approach of sexual dysfunctions is clinical, often takes place on the treatment table and is approached from a physical perspective. Even though sexuality is something very personal and intimate. Therefor it remains a frustrating issue for those who receive treatment, and we want to solve that!

By collaborating with (para-)medical experts and a group experts by experience from the start of the project, we developed a new approach from the psychological perspective of the problem. The sensory objects are designed in a way to give better insight and help to get to know your body.


Layer 1.png


Helps you to get to know your body, and also reflects in the dark, so you can discover your body in a non-confronting way. This is based on the research that regularly looking at your vulva will increase your body positivity.

Layer 2.png


Works as a breathing sensor to guide you in the relaxing process. With a simple form of bio-feedback the object communicates when you respond with tension and helps you to get back at ease, which is very important during sex. This object is a non invasive way of measuring the tension in your abdomen, which helps you control you pelvic muscles as well.

Layer 3.png

Pelvic Sensor

As a next step, the ‘Pelvic sensor’ helps you to understand what happens in the pelvic floor and how you can relax enough in an ‘intimate’ situation to experience it with pleasure.


Serves to get used to touch. As a step in between direct skin contact, it helps to tickle yourself. and serves as an invite to involve your partner into the process, but also as a search for what arouses you.